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EU Weaner Prices Hold Firm

9 December 2016, at 12:00am

EU - Latest data from the EU Commission reports the EU average weaner price for week ended 27 November as €44.57/head. This is actually the highest figure for the year to date, a distinct contrast to previous years when prices have declined from a peak in April.

As such, the price is substantially above both the equivalent 2015 and 2014 level, by around €11 and €8 respectively.

This year, following a period of consistent week-on-week price rises between mid-May and mid-July, the overall EU price has fluctuated around the €43.50/head mark. Dips were seen leading into September and November, but were subsequently countered by price increases.

This overall stability reflects the strong demand for pork exports to Asia at present. Coupled to the declining breeding herds reported by most key producing states in June, reduced availability of weaners in the second half of the year has also helped to support the price.

Price movements in individual Member States have been responsible for driving the fluctuations. While most nations had relatively stable prices up to mid-October, the Spanish weaner price declined by around €10 between July and the start of September, before subsequently recovering.

Also, from mid-October most nations began to see declines in the average weaner price, following the fall in EU pig prices.

Some uplift has again been seen in the past two weeks by key producing states such as Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. This has enabled the overall EU average to reach its current peak. However, whether this movement will continue to establish an increasing trend, or fluctuate back down again, remains to be seen.

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