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Ventilation Guide Now Available for Pig Farmers

12 December 2016, at 6:00am

UK - Previously only available electronically, the AHDB Pork Ventilating Pig Buildings guide is now available in hard copy format, and can be ordered from the AHDB Pork website.

The guide has been hugely popular to date, with over 2,000 copies downloaded since March, explains Susan Rabbich, AHDB Pork’s environment and buildings project manager.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the initial demand for the guide, and its popularity indicates that ventilation is an area that producers and allied industry want to learn about. Making the guide available in print was the next natural step,” she says.

“The content of the guide aims to help pig producers provide optimum living conditions for pigs, thereby improving production efficiency, through a better understanding of the principles of ventilation and types of system available.

“We’ve received positive feedback about the guide but particularly with regard to the producer case studies. Farmers like that they can relate to the problems other producers have encountered and learn how to overcome them.”

To download or order your copy of the guide, visit: