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Pig Prices: Deals Being Made in Excess of Base Quotes

24 February 2017, at 12:00am

IRELAND - The Chairman of the IFA Pigs Committee Tom Hogan has said that the while base quotes remained similar to last week at 1.62-€1.64/kg, there are a greater number of pigs killed at deals far in excess of these base prices.

While factories in the southern part of Ireland seem to be securing sufficient numbers of pigs with limited number of deals above the base level quotes, as you travel north up the country and across the border into Northern Ireland, the competition for pigs and, consequently, the price paid increases dramatically.

Deals for pigs in the region of €1.66/kg-€1.68/kg are common in the midlands and the northern region of the Republic of Ireland. Smaller processors and NI buyers have offered €1.70/kg and above to secure suitable pigs. Hogan urged all pig farmers to bargain hard for any increase in pig price this week.

Ireland’s percentage of the EU price has improved and is currently 102 per cent of the EU average price as reported to the EU Commission for the week commencing 6 February 2017.

Factory pig throughput in Republic of Ireland export plants for the week ending 11 February 2017 was 63,746 head which was 2,895 head more than the previous week and 543 more than in the corresponding week in 2016. Slaughtering’s in ROI export plants is -2.6 per cent behind the same period in 2016.

Export Plants: Top prices on a flat rate basis </= 166cent/kg in Karro, </=164 cent/kg in Kepak, and Rosderra, </=162 cent/kg in Dawn and Staunton’s.

Pork Slaughters: The price range is </=160 cent/kg.

Sows: 95 – 100c/kg DW.

Weekly Slaughterings: Week-ending 11 February 2017

  • Pigs: 63,746
  • Sows: 1,484

EU-27 pigmeat reference price week commencing 6 February 2017

Irish price €1.55kg

EU–27 average price €1.52kg

(Grade E pigs – 55 per cent to 60 per cent lean meat excluding VAT but including transport and bonuses).

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