Hipra on the Cutting Edge of Innovation with Smart Vaccination

During the 2017 ESPHM congress Hipra will present the Smart Vaccination a revolutionary concept that offers to the pig industry a connected world of services for the vaccination process.
calendar icon 12 April 2017
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Smart Vaccination opens up a whole new world of benefits that only the Leader in Prevention can provide and it is based on combining three interconnected elements: highly innovative vaccines, vaccination devices and vaccination process management software.

How did the concept come about?

Through direct contact with pig producers around the world, the HIPRA team was able to gather information about the requirements of vaccine users. Accordingly, HIPRA has received countless comments or questions, such as the following: How can I be sure that I have vaccinated correctly? Was the vaccination time correct? Which vaccine? How many vaccinations have I administered in total? What is the batch number of the administered vaccine?

What does it comprise?

In pigs, Smart Vaccination comprises three key components: the UNISTRAIN® PRRS vaccine, the HIPRADERMIC® needle-free injection device and the dedicated HIPRALINK® VACCINATION, a software to manage the vaccination process.

The first component of this concept is the Unistrain® PRRS live vaccine, the first and only animal health vaccine that incorporates RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in its label. RFID technology works by inserting a chip in the label of the vaccine, which identifies inert elements and automatically provides information to the user, making it a smart (or intelligent) vaccine.

As it contains comprehensive traceability information (doses administered per vial, number of doses per vial, manufacturing batch and expiry date), RFID technology enables each and every vaccine vial administered to animals to be individually managed. As well as containing complete vaccine information, the chip also stores specific data and codes that can intelligently interact with HIPRADERMIC®, the second key component of Smart Vaccination.

HIPRADERMIC® is a new needle-free device with connectivity for HIPRA intradermal vaccinations. It is fitted with an antenna that can read the information contained in the RFID chip of each vaccine vial and link it to a specific vaccination session. All the data recorded by HIPRADERMIC® can then be transferred to other Bluetooth® devices to analyse traceability data and to create a vaccination certificate.

However, the main advantage offered by HIPRADERMIC® as an injection device is the accuracy in administrating the vaccine with an optimal vaccine delivery on the surface of the skin. In addition, its ergonomic design fits perfectly in the hand, automatic operation and ease of use, suitability for different vial sizes and maintenance-free life cycle of 35,000 shots further enhance the significant benefits offered by HIPRADERMIC® to facilitate the vaccination process.

The third component of Smart Vaccination is the HPRALINK® VACCINATION management software, which will enable users to receive accurate and practical information about the vaccination process, facilitating decision-making through enhanced monitoring, planning and data analysis.

Through HIPRALINK® VACCINATION, HIPRA can answer many of its customers’ questions, such as: Who? Where? Which vaccine? How long did it take to vaccinate a group of animals? When do they need to be revaccinated? Which vaccine batch was used? etc. In other words, information is provided that guarantees the vaccination process and certifies that the vaccination was administered successfully.

With Smart Vaccination, HIPRA has once again shown its commitment to prevention, offering unique and innovative solutions that both substantially support the daily activities of animal health professionals, and constitute a milestone for the company and veterinary medicine in general.

Visit our websites www.prrscontrol.com and www.hipralink.com to find out more about SMART VACCINATION.

Ludmila Starostina

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