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New Jobs in Danish Crown

20 June 2017, at 6:00am

DENMARK - The increase in the supply of pigs to Danish Crown’s abattoirs can be ascribed to the combined effects of Danish Crown’s own growth package, the subsidy scheme for new housing units and the Danish government’s agriculture package.

Danish Crown’s Group CEO Jais Valeur said: "I'm very pleased that we are about to take on so many new employees. There is no doubt that the Danish government’s growth package for the agricultural sector and the subsidy scheme for new pig housing units have sparked renewed optimism in the industry.

"At the same time, the growth package adopted by our Board of Representatives at the beginning of May is also clearly having an effect, which is very positive."

A couple of months ago, Danish Crown feared having to close down an abattoir within the next 12 months, but that is no longer a likely scenario.

"It’s wonderful that after ten years of falling supplies, we are now seeing an increase in the supply of slaughter pigs.

"This means that we can increase production and welcome new employees instead of having to cut capacity," said Per Laursen, Senior Vice President, Production, Danish Crown Pork.

Danish Crown slaughters pigs at six locations in Denmark. In 2016, the Group’s pork exports totaled DKK 24 billion.

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