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Polish Pig Meat Exports Continue to Increase

5 July 2017, at 12:00am

POLAND - Leo Colby, AHDB Consultant reports that Poland will continue to consolidate its position as a major exporter of pig meat in 2017, as production growth is being facilitated by both a recovery in the breeding herd and increasing imports of piglets for finishing in Poland

In 2017 production is forecast to rise by 4 per cent, to 1.96 million tonnes, and as a result pig meat exports are expected to increase to a new record.

The long-term development in production might have been one of stability, but both imports and exports of pig meat have increased by 9 per cent per annum since 2007.

The UK is the largest export market for Poland and in 2016 shipments amounted to 82,000 tonnes product weight (excluding pig offals) and at the same time Poland has also emerged as a significant market for UK exporters and trade amounted to over 28,000 tonnes in 2016.

The other key export markets for Poland are Germany and Italy and this trade has also increased sharply since 2007.

The Polish pig sector finds itself in a good position in 2017, as in spite of increased domestic supplies prices are still rising because of shortages in other EU markets contributing to good export demand.

Poland has become a key player on the EU pig meat market and developments there impact on the overall EU pig meat market.

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