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EU Weaner Price Continues to Fall

6 September 2017, at 12:00am

EU - Since the end of May, the EU average weaner price has fallen by €11.68, to €47.44/head in the week ending 27 August, reports Millie Askew, Senior Analyst at AHDB.

Furthermore, the current quote is now just €4.44/head above year earlier levels compared to nearly €19/head higher on the year in the week ending 28 May, which marked the peak in prices so far this year.

During the first half of the year EU weaner prices had been climbing, driven by a tighter pig meat supply and demand balance.

However, the downturn in weaner prices over the past few months follows a similar trend recorded in the finished pig market, and backs up reports that supply of pig meat in the EU has picked up, while demand is relatively subdued.

On an individual country basis, Spanish weaner prices recorded the largest fall in price since 28 May, of over €27 to €29.68/head in the week ending 27 August.

Over the same time frame, Dutch prices slipped by €13 to €42.50/head, while weaner prices in France lost €15.40 to €29/head in the week ending 27 August.

Weaner prices in the EU’s largest pig meat producer, Germany recorded a smaller loss since 28 May of €5.90 to €62.40/head, while Danish prices declined by €3.60 over the same time frame to €47.73/head in the week ending 27 August.

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