PIC China's 2017 symposium: Dreaming big for China

The Chinese pig industry is going through an amazing transformation. For over 21 years, PIC China has been working side- d‐by- d‐side with the pig producers to advance genetics and improve the competitiveness of China production.
calendar icon 29 November 2017
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Every year PIC has organized a symposium where leaders of the China pig industry come together to discuss the latest trends and connect with each other. The 2017 symposium was held on the 16-­‐17th of November in the city of Shanghai. Representatives of over 3 million sows worth of production participated in conversations around the theme “Dreaming big for China”.

An array of opinion leaders from the Chinese pig industry, government and PIC shared their view on the global pig market, large-­‐scale pig production management and the development directions of the Chinese pig industry under the “New Normal”:

  • Mr. Wu Gang, PIC China Business Director, opened the conference by acknowledging the development of the Chinese pig industry and the growth of and the consolidation by the leading producers
  • Mr. Nick Brookes, Regional Director of PIC Asia, presented the overview on the global market including pork production and consumption, global trade and challenges. He pointed out that there is “once in a lifetime” opportunity in China to produce safe high quality pork at the lowest cost of production.
  • Dr. Jason Yan, Chief Scientist of New Hope Liuhe, shared his view on operations and management of large-­‐scale pig production focused on farm economics and financial management.
  • Mr. Uislei Orlando, PIC Global Director of Nutrition, presented the Brazilian best practices in managing large integrated pig production system. He emphasised the influence of nutrition as a key opportunity to reduce the cost of production
  • Mr. Yang Zhenhai, Director-­‐General of National Animal Husbandry Services, shed light on the changing market conditions, and the evolving policy measures in China.
  • Mr. Duan Lifeng, CEO of Sichuan Giastar Group, shared Giastar’s transformation process. Giastar is applying a unique combination of deep self-­‐examination, learning, positive culture building, and implementation of meritocratic evaluation mechanisms to drive excellence in execution.
  • Mr. Matt Culbertson, Global Product Development Director of PIC, highlighted PIC’s accelerated genetic gain through increased selection intensity and accuracy, capture of the best data, and pioneering of the latest technologies available.
  • Catalin Lapuste, PIC China Operations Director concluded the event by saying that PIC is absolutely committed to ensuring that the best performing genetics in the world are available to its partners so that the shared dream of China becoming one of the best performing countries will become a reality.

Overall the event was a great success. One of the participants commented: “This was a phenomenal event with bright people and with great ideas and enthusiasm in the room. If we all work together we can make our Chinese dream come true”.

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