CMA approve Tulip Ltd acquisition

20 December 2017, at 12:00am

The Competition & Markets Authority, last week, announced its approval of Tulip Ltd’s acquisition of pig producer, Easey Holdings Ltd, with no further action necessary.

Tulip announced the acquisition in September of this year and subsequently sought regulatory approval from the CMA.

Easey Holdings Ltd is a family-owned pig farming operation consisting of four key businesses - breeding herds (sows), growing herds, a veterinary practice and a livestock transport business. The acquisition represents an investment in British farming and inward commitment to the UK by Tulip Ltd’s parent company Danish Crown - a cooperative owned by 7,600 Danish member farmers - thus further reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to global farming.

Andrew Saunders, Agriculture Director at Tulip Ltd’s farming division, Tulip Agriculture, said:

This is great news for Tulip, for Easey Holdings, for our customers and our consumers. Tulip is a true champion of the UK pig farming industry while Danish Crown remains absolutely committed to continued inward investment into the UK.

Tulip Agriculture (the farming and pig supply division of Tulip) will be working closely with the Easey management team, staff, farmers, suppliers and customers to ensure the continued successful operation of the Easey farming network as part of the Tulip Ltd Group.

As reported by Tulip Ltd