Danish research presents TN70 sow’s superior mothering ability

9 January 2018, at 12:00am

The Topigs Norsvin TN70 has better mothering skills than the DanAvl LY sow. She produces the same number of weaned pigs per litter with fewer resources.

This is the outcome of an independent study carried out by the Danish University of Aarhus. It proves the strengths of Topigs Norvsin's TN70 sow, as seen on many farms around the world.

Piglets born from a TN70 sow are, on average, 264 grams heavier at birth, which makes them stronger and less vulnerable to hypothermia. Furthermore, TN70 sows have enough teats to feed their offspring and so the piglets have a higher chance of surviving and developing properly. This all results in a higher weight at weaning. The weight difference was 1.2 kilo or 8% and this in turn has a positive influence on performance in the finishing phase. The weaning age was at least 7 weeks, as this research was done under organic outdoor conditions.

Thanks to her superior mothering abilities, the TN70 sow can take care of the piglets she produces. Consequently, fewer nursing resources and expensive management tools are needed, which leads to reduced costs, higher labour efficiency and improved animal welfare. Topigs Norsvin was the first breeding company to implement selection for piglet survival in its breeding program. Our vision is a sow that can rear many high-quality piglets all by herself.

As reported by Topigs Norsvin