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Tyson Foods pork processing facility suspends operations

21 February 2018, at 12:00am

Operations at the processing plant have been halted due to a “production related issue“ according to Tyson Foods communications.

A report has emerged from the Pharos-Tribune Logansport that employees of the plant were sent home early on Monday (19 February) and were told not to return to work until confirmed by Tyson Foods.

Delayed and limited production has continued in parts of the facility but operations within the harvesting area were suspended with immediate effect.

Manager of external communications for Tyson Foods, Caroline Ahn, has confirmed the halt on processing at the plant but has assured that the issues will be resolved and that operations will recommence “as soon as possible”.

With the Logansport plant estimated to have a slaughter capacity of 15,400 (head per day), according to the Pork Checkoff figures, this temporary suspension of operations could result in substantial losses for the Tyson Foods establishment.

Sources: Pharos-Tribune Logansport; National Pork Board

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