Intradermal vaccination: The faster, calmer way of vaccinating your herd

MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada) have recently announced the launch of IDAL® 3G, the newest needle-free, intradermal delivery device in the IDAL® family of products for swine vaccination, and “The IDAL® Way,“ an extended vaccine portfolio designed for intradermal use.
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Needle-free and intradermal application of vaccines is the most advanced method of pig vaccination today. Combining the reliable and easy-to-use needle-free IDAL® devices with the broadest vaccine portfolio designed for intradermal application, means that the IDAL® Way is an important step forward in controlling the major diseases affecting pig populations worldwide.

Needle-free and intradermal: The perfect match

Compared with traditional intramuscular (IM) vaccination with a needle and syringe, needle-free and intradermal vaccination relies on high pressure to deliver an exact dose of vaccine through the skin in a fraction of a second. It’s less stressful for the pigs, stimulates an effective immune response, and easy and safe to use for farmers.

Why intradermal vaccination stimulates an effective immune response

Compared to intramuscular (IM) administration, vaccination into the dermis is advantageous because high concentrations of powerful, specialised cells located in the skin respond very quickly and efficiently to vaccine antigens.

Studies show that intradermal (ID) vaccine administration can stimulate
an immune response as efficiently as or better than IM administration.

The IDAL® 2G and new, ergonomically designed IDAL® 3G devices make vaccination safe and less stressful for pigs, while giving farmers added convenience and efficiency.


Large numbers of pigs can be vaccinated at once reducing labour and increasing efficiency
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Long-lasting batteries
Flexible injection sites
Safety features included


Scientifically proven efficacy and safety
Ensures delivery of the correct dose every time

The vaccines

The IDAL® Way combines benefits of the IDAL® device with the PORCILIS® intradermal portfolio – the broadest range of vaccines designed for intradermal administration.

PORCILIS® PRRS - Modified live vaccine for immunisation against PRRSv throughout the production system from as early as two week of age.

PRIME PAC™ PRRS - Modified live vaccine for immunisation of pigs as early as 2 weeks of age against PRRSv-2.

PORCILIS® PCV ID - The first intradermal PCV vaccine for active immunisation of pigs as early as 3 weeks of age to reduce PCV2 viremia, viral load in lung and lymphoid tissue and virus shedding in addition to loss of daily weight gain and mortality associated with a PCV2 infection.

PORCILIS® M HYO ID ONCE - One-dose vaccine for immunisation of piglets as early as 3 weeks of age to reduce lung lesions and decrease in daily weight gain during the finishing period following a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection.

Live, attenuated vaccine for the immunisation of pigs against Aujeszky’s disease virus (Pseudorabies) infections

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