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PIC and Giastar continue strategic collaboration in sow development

11 June 2018, at 12:00am

PIC and Giastar continue their multiyear agreement to support the development of a 50,000 sow breeding system

Recently, a full charter of Great Grand Parent (GGP) animals was imported from PIC North America. These gilts just completed the required quarantine in China and were transferred to a modern multiplication unit developed by Giastar.

This agreement with PIC provides Giastar the capability to grow their commercial pyramid and will enable PIC customers to accelerate genetic improvement through their production systems, enhancing performance, productivity and profitability across China.

“This successful shipment is a major milestone in China for our partner Giastar, for PIC and for the swine industry. As these GGP animals will be capable of producing and disseminating the best quality genetics,” shared Catalin Lapuste, Operations Director, PIC China. “We will continue to see the value of this collaboration as the industry is heading towards a down price market where the need for best performances and increased productivity is more relevant than ever.”

“We made the effort to import the GGP animals as we are convinced that a large production system is similar to a house. It needs a strong foundation and we know PIC puts a lot of emphasis on the total economic advantages and this resonates to Giastar’s overall objective which is to produce the highest quality meat at lowest cost of production,” said Mr. Duan Lifeng, CEO of Sichuan Giastar Group.

As reported by PIC

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