Gu Yaping joins Genesus as General Manager for China

by 5m Editor
7 August 2018, at 12:00am

Genesus is proud to announce that Gu Yaping has joined our team as General Manager for China.

Gu Yaping earned his BS in animal science from the Shanghai Agricultural College and brings with him over 33 years of intensive experience in the China swine industry. During his long career Gu Yaping worked for PIC China with various roles for 16 years including the supply chain director in last three years. Gu Yaping also worked for a state own company COFCO, one of the largest integrators in the China swine industry for 3 years as COO of the hog production division. During the last 3 years he has been worked as GM for Choice-Genetics China and breeding director for Hanswine of Techbank Food.

Gu Yaping lives in Shanghai with his wife Tan Wenjuan and their son Gu Lingjie.

Genesus is a Canadian Company and has the largest registered purebred herd in the world. Over the past 5 years, Genesus has been the largest importer to China.

Gu Yaping Contact Information:
Tel: +86 138 0177 0414
Email: [email protected]