Ceva 'Spotlight The Future' newsletter October 2018

In this special edition of our swine production and industry newsletter we focus on the vaccination of piglets against PCV2 with Circovac.
calendar icon 2 October 2018
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Control of PCV2d infections in the experimental challenge models with Circovac® vaccination of piglets

PCVDs remain a common problem in many swine farms. Strains of different genotypes of PCV2 are circulating in the herds. The PCV2d seems predominating particularly in farms with clinical forms of PCV.

Vaccination of piglets with Circovac® proved to be efficient in protection against PCV2 strains belonging to this genotype and also prevented the transmission to the susceptible contact pigs.

Spotlight the Future - Sharing the knowledge

Dr Joaquim Segales from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, delivering a talk on the topic of getting the best from PCV-2 vaccination. Ceva Forum, Barcelona.

Long lasting protection against PCV2 infections

Several years ago, Porcine Circovirus 2 (PCV2) was the swine business' enemy number 1. Nowadays, the virus appears to be under control using decent vaccination. When doing so, it is good to keep in mind that subclinically, PCV2 can cause more damage
than one might think.

Source: pigprogress.net

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