Innovative slat anchor can be positioned without special tools

by 5m Editor
9 November 2018, at 12:00am

Whoever wants to fasten pig equipment to the floor knows: slat anchors are the right choice.

Big Dutchman Slat Anchor

Positioning these anchors in the slatted floors has always required special tools such as levers or brackets, making the entire procedure quite complicated. These times are over now: Big Dutchman presents a new slat anchor concept at EuroTier 2018. The Big Dutchman anchor can be inserted and positioned without any special tooling. Due to the clever design, it is easy to slide the anchor into the right position. Screw and washer can then be tightened without problem.

Losing the anchor through the slats’ apertures during assembly is not possible. Its design also reduces damage to the slurry system and floor corpus.

Hall 17, stand B 21