Danish pig advisory announces new feed testing service for weaners

The Danish Pig Advisory Center has almost doubled its capacity for testing of feedstuffs and feed additives.
calendar icon 19 August 2019
clock icon 3 minute read

“For some time our customers in the feed industry have requested a possibility for testing of their products, especially related to the small weaners (approximately 4.1 kg),” sales manager Niels Ove Nielsen says. “The small weaners are very sensitive to the nutritional quality of the feed. They react very fast to changes in the feed composition”, Niels Ove Nielsen continues. “It is a pleasure for me to announce a new service for the feed industry, named TestPig Baby”.

The new TestPig Baby, developed upon the trial with 1,200 weaners (4.1 - 6.5 kg), is providing the ability to test the gut system of newly weaned pigs in a fast and cost-effective way.

The new concept (TestPig Baby) is conducted together with the original TestPig Flex at the TestPig test station, located in the western part of Jutland. The TestPig Flex product was developed through trials with 4,000 weaners (6.5 - 30 kg).

Since 2016, the Danish Pig Advisory Center and a local pig farmer have been running a test station together, with 1,100 sows and 39,000 weaned piglets a year.

“We run all our tests with high precision under scientific conditions and on a large scale. For the feed industry this means a higher capacity for product testing, reliable results and the possibility of choosing the right tool for the right task”, Niels Ove Nielsen says.

“Besides we have established test facilities recognised by the Danish authorities to enter product registration of feedstuffs and feed additives in Denmark and the rest of the EU”.

“Our TestPig concept has proven successful when testing approved feedstuffs and feed additives under practical production conditions by the use of scientific methods”, Niels Ove Nielsen summarises.

The Danish Pig Advisory Center covers Scandinavia and the EU including parts of Eastern Europe and is recognised as an independent advisor.

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