Spotlight the future: September 2019

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by 5m Editor
5 September 2019, at 6:00pm

Higher efficacy of Hyogen single dose vaccination compared to M.hyo two-shots vaccines

AA randomised field trial was conducted on an Austrian farrow-to-finish farm for one year to compare the efficacy of two commercial Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines (Cvjetkovic 2018). 585 piglets either received the one-shot formulation in group 1 (Hyogen®, 23.9 days of age) or a two-shot vaccine (Mycoplasma, 4.3 and 24.0 days of age) in group 2.

Assessment of vaccine efficacy was evaluated by regression analyses through cough monitoring from nursery to slaughter, average daily weight gain from inclusion to slaughter, antibiotic treatment rate (ATR), mortality rate and lung lesion assessment at slaughter....

Lung lesions in slaughter pigs in 2017

Lung problems are commonplace in many swine farms around the globe. Where exactly are the problems the worst, what causes them and can research help to provide benchmarks?

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