EU pig prices: positive trends continue

The European pig market is enjoying the positive trends currently being experienced.

10 December 2019, at 12:01pm

Already at a very high level, most quotations were again able to increase this week, reports ISN. Germany set the trend with an increase of three cents. Business has picked up speed enormously in recent weeks, with a noticeable shortage of meat, particularly as a result of extensive exports to China. In addition to Germany, Belgium, Spain and Austria were also able to increase their prices by a similar amount.

In France and the Netherlands, the prices seem to have reached a temporary peak. The price decline in Denmark is to be considered separately from current market events and was already announced at the beginning of November. This said, from the industry leader’s point of view, Danish Crown, the prospects for January are very good, as large quantities have already been sold to China for the entire first quarter of 2020.

European pig price comparison by ISN
European pig price comparison by ISN

1) corrected quotation: The official Quotations of the different countries are corrected, so that each quotation has the same base (conditions).

2) These quotations are based on the correction formulas applied since 01.08.2010.

base: 57 percent lean-meat-percentage; farm-gate-price; 79 percent killing-out-percentage, without value-added-tax. © ISN