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RSPCA Australia's Humane Food podcast launches second season

The RSPCA hoes into the hard stuff with Season 2 of its Humane Food podcast.

24 June 2020, at 8:03am

Listeners from all over the world downloaded Season 1, in which Brian interviewed industry experts, covered topics about animal production and welfare, and educated audiences on how their food goes from farm to table.

Season 2 will grapple with topics that we know interest Australians, including male chick culling in the egg industry, the use of antibiotics in farming, humane handling of farm animals, and one of the biggest animal welfare issues of the decade, live animal export.

However, with thousands of caring Australians campaigning to stop the export of sheep on the Al Kuwait last week, the RSPCA has also made the decision to bring forward the episode Live export: why is it still happening?

Released today, 24 June, the RSPCA is expecting listeners around the country to tune into this episode and hear from the RSPCA Australia’s Dr Bidda Jones and Dr Jed Goodfellow about the historic background and modern context to this volatile issue.

Research commissioned by the Department of Agriculture has found that 95 percent of Australians are concerned about farm animal welfare, and whether he’s speaking with a senior scientist or a celebrity chef, Brian delivers informative, enlightening 20-minute episodes that will shed light on some of the issues Australians care most about today.

“The RSPCA has been advocating for improved farm animal welfare for decades, and our podcast offers listeners an insight into the work we do with farmers, some of Australia’s largest brands and the government,” says RSPCA Humane Food Manager Hope Bertram.

“We want the public to be able to make more informed choices about what they consume, so we have been encouraged to delve deep into the food industry, and really explain the story behind what we prepare at home or when eating out.”

Season 2 is available now, with weekly segments dropping on Wednesdays. Subscribe for free wherever you get your podcasts, catch up on Season 1, and be sure to leave us a review (this helps others find us).

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RSPCA’s Humane Food Podcast series is available via Apple, Google Podcasts and Spotify.