ASF in Germany: Bonus offered for finding dead boars in restricted areas

Germany's Ministry of Consumer Protection intensifies targeted search for fallen game and accident game in endangered area

17 September 2020, at 2:00am

Germany's Ministry of Consumer Protection is stepping up measures in the fight against African swine fever (ASF). Effective immediately, the state will pay an expense allowance for finding dead wild boars (including wild boars) within designated ASF restriction areas.

Established endangered area in Brandenburg, Germany

Payment is 100 or 150 euros per piece, depending on where it was found, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection of the State of Brandenburg, Germany.

"Dead wild boars are important indicator animals for determining the extent of the actual infection process. Only if we quickly know how far infected animals have spread the virus, can we contain and eliminate it quickly. This is why testing fallen game and casualty game in the endangered area is now so crucial. With the bonus, we create an additional incentive that allows as many samples as possible to be examined in a short period of time," said Consumer Protection Minister Ursula Nonnemacher.

Finding dead wild boars within the defined epidemic area (restriction zone - consisting of core area, endangered area and buffer zone) is supported with the following allowances:

  • In the core area - 150 euros/piece
  • In the endangered area = 100 euros/piece
  • In the buffer zone = 100 euros/piece

Important: The core area may only be entered by authorized persons! For everyone else, the following applies in the core area: Entering the forest and the open landscape is prohibited.

In the endangered area and in the buffer zone, private individuals can also report wild boars found dead to the responsible veterinary office with a detailed description of the location and thus receive the bonus of 100 euros from the district if the animal body has been found by the district's rescue team and identified as a wild boar.

The following applies to private individuals: if you see a dead wild boar, please inform the responsible veterinary office immediately. If you know the person authorized to hunt in this area, please inform them as well. This enables the wild boar to be examined for the ASF virus as quickly as possible. And, in the event of a positive result, control measures can be initiated immediately. Please therefore always report any wild boar found dead to the responsible veterinary authorities and never touch dead wild boars!

A core zone with a three-kilometer radius was set up and fenced in around the first site in the district of Sembten in the community of Schenkendöbern in the Spree-Neisse district, and an endangered area with a radius of around 20 to 25 kilometers has been established.

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