Easyfix environmental enrichment range proven to improve pig welfare around the world

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The EASYFIX range of environmental enrichment devices for pigs has successfully become the leading choice of enrichment for pig producers across the world. Made from high-quality natural rubber, the products are pliable, durable and safe for pigs to bite on.

The EASYFIX ‘Luna’ range consists of floor-based products which allow pigs to explore by rooting, sniffing, biting and chewing. It remains at floor level in order to encourage the natural exploratory behaviour of pigs. Its unique patented design ensures it remains clean and hygienic too.

The EASYFIX ‘Astro’ is a suspended product which is made from the same high-quality natural rubber used for the Luna range. It can be suspended from a wall or ceiling and gives pigs an additional choice of environmental enrichment alongside the Luna range.

Extensive research trials using the EASYFIX enrichment range has been used in many pig research facilities around the globe, with each trial proving that the EASYFIX range is a reliable and cost-effective form of environmental enrichment that sustains the interest of the pig and reduces harmful behaviours.

Hanging Astro
Hanging Astro

The Pig Development Department at Teagasc, Ireland’s Agricultural Research Authority, have published many enrichment trials using the EASYFIX range. In one study, finisher pigs on a wet-feed diet were given several EASYFIX Luna devices as well as wooden planks. The pigs spent more time interacting with the Luna range than the wooden planks. In another study, finisher pigs on a pelleted diet were provided with an EASYFIX Astro and planks of wood.

Another study assessed the effect of multiple enrichment options on 8 pens of weaners with intact tails. In this study, pigs interacted with the Luna range more than they did with root toys, wooden posts, hanging wood, fabric and chew toys. The durability of the Luna range was assessed in a longitudinal study involving weaner pigs for 7 weeks. It was found that the Luna has an average weight loss of 2g per day, per 12 pigs. This concludes that each Luna toy could last 3.5 batches of pigs, proving it is a very durable cost-effective option of environmental enrichment.


The Department of Animal Husbandry at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany has also carried out numerous studies using the EASYFIX Luna and Astro ranges. In a trial involving 43 pigs where the ‘Luna 117’ was used as enrichment along with a basket filled with straw and wooden chewing sticks, pigs interacted with the Luna 117 on average 58 times per animal per day compared to 17 times with the straw and 10 times with the wood. 95% of pigs interacted with the Luna compared to 25% of pigs interacting with the wood and 21% of pigs interacting with the straw.

With different products suitable for different stages of pig production, the EASYFIX range of environmental enrichment is proven to attract pigs’ attention while also being cost-effective for the farmer. It is an excellent choice for fully slatted systems where loose enrichment material could obstruct slurry systems. The important role of adequate environmental enrichment provision in fulfilling the needs of a pig can be assured by using the EASYFIX Luna and Astro range.

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Laurence Williams

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