Uganda’s Kitgum region enacts strict biosecurity measures after ASF outbreak

The regional government of Kitgum, Uganda has placed movement and slaughter restrictions on pigs after more than 500 pigs died due to African swine fever.

18 February 2021, at 10:23am

The Observer reports that Kitgum has banned the slaughter and movement of pigs in Kitgum due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF). It has also banned the consumption of pork. Officials say that the restrictions hope to stop the spread of the disease by preventing farmers from carrying infected pigs to unaffected areas

Animal health authorities have reported cases of the deadly pig disease in the Bajere, Okwici East and Oget. The disease has upset the local pig industry and has left producers to contend with heavy losses.

Kitgum’s veterinary officer, Alfred Kinyera, told The Observer that the district had developed a training program for pig farmers that stresses early preparation and disease management.

Officials reported difficulties when collecting samples from dead pigs since potentially infected pigs had been sold to other farms. According to Kinyera, the training will focus on biosecurity and movement procedures that will avoid exposing healthy pigs to infected ones.

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