What does syringe reliability for animal injection mean?

25 March 2021, at 7:00am

Pig injection is a common practice to preserve long-term animal health and avoid potential economic consequences in case of a disease outbreak. For this reason, looking at the injection syringe features and benefits helps in choosing adequate instrument.

Model selection

It is often said that cheap products are too expensive because of the hidden costs of products with such a short lifespan. A purchase price may seem low but often needs to be multiplied by the number of syringes purchased over a long period of time. The final amount may be significantly higher than expected.

Socorex Isba SA is a swiss manufacturer of reliable re-usable self-refilling injection syringes with spring-loaded plunger and three-way valve system. Simple conception, perfect balance and ergonomic design provides for ease of use, operator comfort and fatigue free fieldwork.

Robust construction

At Socorex, excellent syringe performance is achieved by careful conception and material selection. This guarantees accuracy and reproducibility of each dose and ensures optimal protection up to the last injected animal. Ground glass barrel and metal plunger are adapted for any vaccine or suspension. Metal valve balls and springs are most efficient for serial injections. Plunger tightness without O-ring eliminates maintenance while working. A superior quality syringe is paid back rapidly by the absence of costly issues encountered in the field.

Maintenance and spare parts make the difference

The Socorex self-refilling syringes are intended to be used and re-used. Maintenance / cleaning is simplified thanks to easy disassembling without tools. Should any part be damaged or broken, it can be replaced rapidly as all spare parts are available. Key benefits are a longer lifespan (over 10 to 15 years) and reduced amount of waste as the syringe remains much longer in use. Cheap plastic syringes with single use or a short lifespan may significantly contribute to waste generation and environmental burden.

Add accessories for more flexibility

When the same syringe fits various accessories, it provides greater working flexibility and adaptability to various farm requirements. Socorex syringes are supplied with feed tube or vial holder and may be converted from one to the other feeding source in no time. They also fit 35 cm rigid extension for animal injection without need for bending.

The needle program deserves all attention due to its high mechanical resistance. Adequate length and gauge are available to correspond to requirement. The Socorex safety needle packaging is intended for the operator’s protection, avoiding hand / finger injury when handling.

In conclusion

A closer look at syringe features and performances may bring significant saving over the long term. Opting for a reliable instrument is a wise choice not only for ecological reasons, but mainly for economic considerations. Find more information about the Socorex® syringes on the website or detailed videos on the Socorex® YouTube channel.