We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Hipradermic® website!

27 July 2021, at 10:21am

A website entirely devoted to our intradermal needle free device for swine vaccination, Hipradermic®.

It’s 5 years since our first Hipradermic® version was launched in 2016, with our first intradermal vaccine UNISTRAIN® PRRS ID. With the advent of MHYOSPHERE® PCV ID in 2020, we introduced onto the market the latest Hipradermic® version, Hipradermic® 3.0, the lightest intradermal needle free device for precise, easy and quick swine vaccination.

Over the last months, we have worked hard to create a website to bring together the most relevant information about Hipradermic®, the benefits of intradermal needle free vaccination and HIPRAlink® Vaccination, our vaccination data software management.

Regular updates with the latest news, videos, scientific and technical publications will be available within the Hipradermic® blog section. You will be also able to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss any of these updates!

Hope you like it and enjoy browsing through the Hipradermic® website