Injection syringes: vial feeding models

The Swiss-made Socorex self-refilling syringes with spring-loaded plunger and three-way valve system are designed for serial precision swine injections.

26 August 2021, at 8:00am

They are perfectly adapted for injecting aqueous, oily, viscous or heavy iron solutions as well as a variety of suspensions. Superior quality materials, simple conception, perfect hand comfort, ease of use and reliable field work are among characteristics appreciated by professionals for years.

Fitting various accessories, the Socorex syringes provide greater working flexibility and adaptability to farm requirements. They are supplied with feed tube or vial holder and may be converted from one to the other feeding source in no time. The simple assembly procedure requires no tool and is reversible at any time. A big money saver by doubling productivity output, the Twin syringes are intended for simultaneous injection of two distinct liquids. Both volumes are adjustable separately. Optional accessories for Twin syringes include vial holder. Whatever the configuration, the Socorex syringes remain autoclavable fully assembled.

The Socorex needle program deserves all attention due to its superior quality and high mechanical resistance. Adequate length and gauge are available to fit any requirement. The safety needle packaging is intended for the operator’s protection, avoiding hand / finger injury when handling.

A closer look at syringe features and performances may bring significant saving over a long term use. Opting for a reliable instrument is a wise choice for ecological reasons and economic considerations. Click here to learn more information about the Socorex syringes.