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Mycotoxins in Swine Production 2nd Edition now available
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Registration is still open for the 2021 Pig Survivability Conference

The International Conference on Pig Survivability is coming to Omaha, Nebraska, on 27 and 28 October - bringing industry stakeholders together to identify practical solutions to pig mortality.

4 October 2021, at 10:01am

The Pig Survivability Conference will facilitate the discussion and dissemination of the most current information relative to sow, litter, weaned pig and grow-finish mortality.

By featuring presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders and scientific experts, the conference will bring the industry together to motivate change. This will include producers, researchers, students, extension personnel, swine consultants, and representatives from allied industries. We want attendees to walk away with a sense of urgency towards the issue of mortality and some practical ideas of what to do about it.

Be sure to register for the 2021 Conference here.

About the project:

Improving Pig Survivability is a five-year project encompassing research, education, and extension efforts with the goal of reducing overall mortality in the US commercial swine industry by 1% or more per year of the project. The project is funded by the National Pork Board and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR).

The interdisciplinary team includes faculty and staff in research and extension, including animal science, veterinary medicine, economics, and microbiology. We have team members from Iowa State University, Kansas State University, and Purdue University. We also collaborate directly with the swine industry including producers and allied industry partners.

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Mycotoxins in Swine Production

The impact of mycotoxins — through losses in commodity quality and livestock health — exceeds $1.4 billion in the United States alone, according to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. This guide includes:

  • An overview of different types of mycotoxins
  • Understanding of the effects of mycotoxicoses in swine
  • Instructions on how to analyze mycotoxin content in commodities and feeds
  • Innovative ways of combatting mycotoxins and their effects
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Research efforts in this project seek to identify factors contributing to swine mortality in commercial production, and to develop strategies and information that can be utilized to reduce mortality and maximize pig survivability.