With open fronts or outdoor run: Big Dutchman makes balanced pressure ventilation possible in pig houses

EuroTier 2022: No draughts, improved temperatures
calendar icon 16 November 2022
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Big Dutchman has developed a new feature for its 310pro climate computer to be used in pig houses that meet the requirements of the German management types 3 (“Outside climate”) and 4 (“Premium”). Airflows in pig houses with open fronts or outdoor runs can now be controlled automatically through balanced pressure ventilation. On cold days especially, the innovative “Balance” function prevents too much cold air from entering the barn as well as detrimental draughts. And in the summer, inside temperatures are more comfortable in general. With the innovative climate system, emissions from animal welfare houses can be reduced further: air scrubbers can now be connected and operated effectively.

When pig houses with open fronts or outdoor run use a balanced pressure ventilation system, fresh air is pushed into the building through a fresh air channel in the attic and through ceiling inlets. The exhaust air is extracted centrally at one gable through exhaust shafts and a second channel in the attic. The computer creates a climate that balances fresh air and exhaust air; a low negative pressure of around two pascals ensures that the inside air does not leave through the open fronts.

Balanced pressure ventilation in pig houses with outdoor run

Advantages of the new balanced pressure ventilation:

  • a ventilation system that meets the needs of piglets and finishing pigs in houses with open fronts or with outdoor run;
  • no draughts and therefore more security that the pigs can easily define functional areas, no incorrect defecating areas;
  • better production results, healthier animals, lower costs for veterinary care;
  • the installation of an air scrubber is possible, increasing the chance of being granted a building permit.

Previous technology:

Previously, open-front houses or barns with outdoor run usually worked with natural ventilation systems. The consumed air rises towards the ceiling, where it can escape through the ridge or simple exhaust air openings. Fresh air enters through the open side walls, which are equipped with a curtain system. Stir fans ensure that the air moves and mixes.

This simple ventilation system is very cost-efficient, but also has some drawbacks. In case of extreme weather conditions that last for a longer period, the farmer has very few options of controlling and improving the house climate for the pigs. Permits for new barns of this type will rarely be granted in regions with a high livestock density because the buildings cannot be equipped with an air scrubber that could reduce emissions. A true negative pressure ventilation system, on the other hand, is not sensible in such pig houses because they are not airtight.

Balanced pressure ventilation in pig houses with open fronts

Laurence Williams

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