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Forum on Demedicalisation of Monogastric Feed

03 January 2012

FRANCE - Biomin France organized a Forum on the hot topic of demedicalization. It was held on 8 December at the Institut Supérieur des Productions Animales et des Industries Agroalimentaires (ISPAIA), in Ploufragan (France).

The conference took place in the science park Zoopole of Ploufragan, where the office of Biomin France is based as well. Chaired by Gilles SALVAT, PhD (Director of the ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety) laboratory of Ploufragan-Plouzané) the forum gathered 40 of the most important feed millers as well as four journalists.

The two main speakers were Bertrand Grenier, PhD who wrote his thesis with the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) of Toulouse and Angela Riemensperget, PhD (Product Manager for Acidifiers, Biomin).

The aim of the conference was to inform feed industry professionals about how Biomin can help with demedicalization offering a broad portfolio of alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGP). B. Grenier presented his thesis 'Effect in pigs of the exposure to a mycotoxins co-contaminated diet and evaluation of control strategies' and A. Riemensperger talked about the benefits of permeabilising substances in combination with organic acids and a phytochemical.

The first Biomin Forum in France ended successfully and Biomin France is proud to support sustainable and yet profitable farming through natural and antibiotic-free animal nutrition.

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