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Biomin Sponsor of International Swine Conference

20 June 2013

POLAND - On 4 and 5 June, Biomin Poland was one of the main sponsors of the International Swine Conference organised annually by Professor Zygmunt Pejsak in Pulawy (National Veterinary Institute).

This year's conference topic was "Healthy pigs = competitive production". Professor Pejsak invited the best pig practitioners and scientists from all over the world to talk about their experience concerning health, mycotoxin risk management and pig production in general.

The conference gathered more than 1,200 participants, including vets, farmers and other industry representatives from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

The first day focused mainly on health issues like PRDC, App. and vaccination against swine flu. On the second day the main topic was the influence of mycotoxins on animal health and production efficiency including new solutions in mycotoxins risk management.

Biomin contributed with a speech given by Gerd Schatzmayr about 'Microorganisms and recombinant enzymes for specific detoxification of mycotoxins relevant in swine nutrition' and Professor Maciej Gajecki spoke about the 'Influence of low-dose mycotoxicosis on swine production'.

It all ended with a very interesting roundtable discussion examining problems of mycotoxicosis in swine production. There were lots of questions and unfortunately not enough time to answer them all in detail.

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