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Drive wheel made of cast plastic runs quietly and allows for longer dry feeding systems

29 October 2018
Big Dutchman

In many regions of the world, the trend towards larger pig houses continues.

Dry feeding systems for feed supply must cover ever longer distances in the barn. This increases mechanical stress on conveyor chains and drive units. With this knowledge in mind, Big Dutchman has developed a drive wheel that is completely cast in elastic plastic. And best of all: thanks to the wheel’s elasticity and an adjusted geometry of the cogs, the number of cogs that draw the carrier discs through the system can differ for the first time and depends on system length and the tensile load. Power is thus transmitted by two to seven (!) cogs, which allows for much longer feeding systems.

Another positive effect that improves working conditions in the barn: the chain runs nearly without “blows” and is very quiet, because it enters and leaves the wheels very smoothly thanks to the elastic cogs.

An international expert committee of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) awarded the drive wheel with a silver innovation medal.

Hall 17, stand B 21

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