Alphamune<SUP><FONT SIZE="1">TM</FONT></SUP> G trial delivers improved performance, financial benefits

By Alpharma Animal Health - The results of this trial using feed supplemented with Alphamune G showed not only an improvement in performance and a reduced need for interventions, but also financial benefits, when compared to untreated controls.
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Alphamune - Shielding and earning


Location: Italy, Breeding farm for selection of replacement gilts

Timing of trial: 2004

Number and groups of pigs:
2 groups of each 2480 and 2470 weaned pigs, held in the same farm operations.

Farm conditions:
The trial was done under the same practical conditions with feed and husbandry conditions as was the routine practice on this swine operation.

Purpose of evaluation:
Evaluate the zootechnical performance, financial benefits and interventions of starter pigs supplemented in the feed with AlphamuneTM G at 500 g/tonne compared to an untreated control group.

Trial period:
Starter pigs after weaning with pigs weighing ± 7 kg bodyweight till end of starter.

Key observations:

1. Zootechnical performance:

  • An improvement of 48 g in ADG (Average Daily Gain)and 280 grams of FCR was found between the AlphamuneTM G supplemented pigs and the control group
  • Mortality was reduced with 1,03 % in pigs supplemented with AlphamuneTM G
  • About 4 % more pigs of first choice for further selection of replacement gilts were sold in the AlphamuneTM G supplemented group
2. Medication costs:
  • A clear reduction of 0,55 € medication costs needed per pig, was observed in the AlphamuneTM G supplemented group
  • Clearly less clinical symptoms of infectious arthritis, mycoplasmal pneumonia and streptococcus infections, were observed and less water medication treatments for these were needed in the AlphamuneTM G supplemented group.
3. Financial benefits:
  • Due to better performance, better quality grading for later replacement gilt selection and reduced intervention costs, the AlphamuneTM G supplemented group of piglets showed a financial benefit of 4,44 € per started piglet


  • AlphamuneTM G was shown in this customer demonstration trial to be a valid feed supplement for starter pigs in breeding farms

    • Providing improved zootechnical performance
    • Reducing medication costs
    • Substantially improving financial benefits
  • AlphamuneTM G with its certified amount of Beta-glucans in a quality granule supports production output and helps reducing the need for interventions in pigs

AlphamuneTM G is a Trademark of Alpharma Inc., One Executive Drive, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA.

Source: Alpharma Animal Health - September 2004
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