Animal Industry Report 2007

By the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University - This article is Iowa State University's annual report of the research activities that relate to the animal agriculture industries. This report combines research reports from faculty associated with various departments on campus, including Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Animal Science, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Economics, Veterinary Diagnostics, and Production Animal Medicine. The research reported here is supported by the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station.
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  • AS Leaflet-R2221 Effect of Dietary Salmon Protein Concentrate on Growth Performance of Weanling Pigs

  • AS Leaflet-R2223 2006 Review – ISU Swine Nutrition Management and Research, Ames, Iowa

  • AS Leaflet-R2224 Growth and Performance of Nursery Pigs Fed Crude Glycerol

  • AS Leaflet-R2225 Energy Value of Crude Glycerol Fed to Pigs

  • AS Leaflet-R2226 Nutrient Analysis of Iowa Grown Field Peas for Swine Feed

  • AS Leaflet-R2227 Dietary Inclusion of Colicin E1 Prevents Post-weaning Diarrhea in Pigs

  • AS Leaflet-R2228 Decrease in Protein Level in Final Finishing Phase of High Lean Gain Swine

  • AS Leaflet-R2229 Triticale Fed to Finishing Pigs in Hoop Barns

  • AS Leaflet-R2230 Soybean Meal Inclusion Rate Effects on Odor Intensity, Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia in Commercial Swine Production Units

  • AS Leaflet-R2231 Understanding the Genetic Mechanisms Controlling Sow Longevity

  • AS Leaflet-R2232 Using Pig Genomic Sequence to Determine Underlying Mutations Affecting a Pig SSC17 Meat Quality QTL: New Developments

  • AS Leaflet-R2233 Use of Transcriptional Profiling and Assessment of Blood Parameters to Understand Biological Mechanisms Controlling Feed Intake and Efficiency in Pigs

  • AS Leaflet-R2234 Factors Associated with Sow Stayability

  • AS Leaflet-R2235 Impact of Gestation Housing System on Weaned Pig Production Cost

  • AS Leaflet-R2236 Sow and Litter Performance for Individual Crate and Group Hoop Barn Gestation Housing Systems: Project Summary

  • AS Leaflet-R2237 Drinking Behavior of Nursery Pigs for Oral Vaccine Administration

  • AS Leaflet-R2238 A Comparison of Intrauterine and Cervical Artificial Insemination Catheters on Farrowing Rate and Litter Size in Artificially Mated Sows

  • AS Leaflet-R2239 Characterization of U.S. Cull Sows

  • AS Leaflet-R2240 The Economic Analysis of Feeding Cull Sows to Heavier Weights

  • AS Leaflet-R2241 Contributions of pH and Intramuscular Lipid to Sensory Quality of Fresh Pork Loin

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