Diagnosing Common Water-System Problems

by 5m Editor
6 May 2003, at 12:00am

By Jim Carlton, Pork Magazine - Improving the quality and delivery of water to pigs may not be the answer to perfect herd-health, but it can lead to healthier pigs and more efficient production.

Take me to Pork Magazine Water is one of the more important nutrients that pigs require, says John Carr, with Iowa State University’s Veterinary and Production Animal Medicine department. It also may be the most overlooked nutrient.

He points out that “the pig industry has lived with water deprivation for years.” Past studies have shown that cystitis and pyelonephritis account for 20 percent of sow deaths, Carr notes. However, greater awareness of sows’ drinking and urination patterns in recent years has made the condition less common.

In his consulting work, Carr has studied water systems in pig facilities throughout the world. He hopes his work will help veterinarians, animal scientists and producers ensure that there is no impairments in supplying pigs with high-quality water.

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(May 2003)
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