Eradicating Mange on Farrow-to-Finish Pig Farms Using ARPEGE

Mange (Sarcoptes Scabiei var. suis) remains an important disease impacting pig herd productivity. Its prevalence has clearly declined due to successful herd eradication programs, write B. Boivent, G. Perreul, O. Merdy, R. Arena and F. Joisel, Merial, France.
calendar icon 22 July 2016
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This abstract reports the results obtained on 5 French farms following the implementation of the “ARPEGE” (Approche Raisonnée chez le Porc de l’Eradication de la Gale et de ses effets Economiques) mange eradication program combining IVOMEC® 1% injectable (MERIAL, France) with IVOMEC®
Premix 0.04%.


The test sites were 200- to 500-sow well-managed farms operating in farrowing batches. Mange was evidenced both by pruritus and dermatitis-at-slaughter scores and Mange ELISA evaluation.

The “ARPEGE” program was set-up by 8 French vet practitioners. It included biosafety measures & a combined regime of injectable and in-feed ivermectin as follows:

  • Sows, gilts, boars and suckling piglets were injected with IVOMEC 1% injectable on D0 and D14.
  • Feed of weaners and fatteners was supplemented with IVOMEC Premix 0.04% twice for 7 days from D0 and from D14.
  • Pigs housed in hospital pens were also treated.
  • Piglets born after D0 were treated once (Ivomec Injectable).
  • Systematic routine mange control at entrance from D0 using IVOMEC 1% injectable twice 14 days apart.

Scratching index in sows and dermatitis scores in fatteners at abattoir were measured just before the
start of the program and from 6 months to 2 years after:

  • A scratching index (SI) was calculated as the average number of scratching episodes per sow for 15 minutes (SI<0.1: mange absent or under control).
  • At abattoir, a dermatitis score (ADS) was calculated for erythematous papular dermatitis (0 to 3) according to previously described method, reflecting the severity of the skin lesions (ADS<0.5: mange free or mange under control).

At the end of the program monitoring, a specific ELISA (UGhent) was also conducted in 40 animals per farm for final confirmation of mange eradication.


The average scratching index in sows decreased from 0.38 [0.24 to 0.64] to 0.06 [0.03 to 0.09], p<0.01. The average dermatitis index in fatteners also clearly decreased from 0.55 [0.27 to 0.85] to 0.07 [0.03 to 0.12], p <0.01. Anti-sarcoptes antibody titres became all negative, indicating the absence of further contact with the antigen, thus absence of subclinical mange.


Under the conditions of the study, the implementation of “ARPEGE” program combining biosafety measures and IVOMEC 1% injectable with IVOMEC Premix 0.04% was shown to be effective for a rapid and sustained eradication of mange.

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