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Euthanasia of Swine - Options for the Producer

by 5m Editor
16 September 2001, at 12:00am

By AASV - It is inevitable that in every swine production system, animals will become ill or injured in such a way that euthanasia will be necessary. Since it is usually impossible or impracticable for the veterinarian to be available for all euthanasia on-farm, producers themselves often need to perform humane euthanasia of pigs.

When making decisions regarding ill or injured pigs, producers must consider pig welfare, economics, and public health.

This brochure is designed to aid producers in making the appropriate decisions regarding euthanasia of swine. Swine producers and their employees should read this brochure, discuss the options with their veterinarian, and fill out the action plan at the end of this brochure.

The action plan should be reviewed annually with a veterinarian and all employees.

The final decision for action on any ill or injured pigs usually falls into 4 broad categories: Treatment - If an appropriate medical treat-ment is available. Slaughter - If the animal is suitable for transport and human consumption. Sell or Transfer - This option may be appropriate in case of injured or disadvantaged pigs that may perform adequately in a different production setting. Euthanasia - Humane euthanasia may be the best option for various pig welfare, economic, and public health reasons. To read this 5 page PDF brochure from the AASV: Click Here
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