Finishing pigs, UK style: Hot issues in Europe: Farm trials & biosecurity costs

This page provides a link to three articles that have been published by Alberta Pork in their Winter 2001 Western Hog Journal View from Europe section. Each is an excellent read. More information provided inside.
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NOTE: All articles are on the same page.

Managing The Growing/Finishing Pig - UK Style
By Stuart Lumb - In the UK and no doubt elsewhere in the World the attention given to the pig from 25 kg onwards is less than it should be. Yet, the finishing stage is where most feed is consumed and real savings can be achieved for very little input. This article discusses how pigs are reared in the UK and highlights some ideas that can create significant cost savings.

Hot Issues In Europe
By Bernard Peet - European pig producers are the most closely regulated in the world and have to comply with a mass of legislation on animal welfare, food safety and the environment. While the EU determines common rules for all member states, each country is free to impose higher standards if it wishes. Often this is driven by consumers who are increasingly aware of, and concerned by, agricultural practices. Production methods are also determined by the food retailers, again in response to consumer pressure. Inevitably this leads to differences in production costs between countries and additional costs compared to less regulated industries in some non-EU countries. So, what are the current "hot issues" in Europe and what are the implications for producers?

Eminently Affordable - So DO It !
By John Gadd - Eighteen months ago, back on my home patch, I was sounding off (as one does) about our producers here not doing farm trials properly, and on another tack being oh-so-slow to adopt modern biosecurity protocols. Both caused a bit of a ruckus, but that's what journalism is about. The response was "Yeah, yeah, but do you know how much these things cost?". This article looks at some actual cost examples for both farm trials and full biosecurity protection.
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