KSU Swine Day 2006

This article is a collection of papers presented during KSU's Swine Day 2006.
calendar icon 4 December 2006
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Gestation, Breeding, and Farrowing Management
  • Porcine Umbilical Cord Matrix Stem Cells
  • L-Carnitine Supplementation to Gestating Gilts Alters the IGF Axis in Porcine Embyronic Myoblasts
  • Predicting Growth Rates of Adult Working Boars in a Commercial Boar Stud
  • Validation of Flank-to-flank Measurements for Predicting Boar Weight
  • Investigation into the Effects of Feeding Schedule on Body Condition, Aggressiveness, and Reproductive Failure in Group Housed Sows
  • Determining the Effect of Restricted Feed Intake on Developing Pigs Weighing Between 150 and 250 lb, Fed Two or Six Times Daily
  • Determining the Accuracy of Gestation Feed Drops
  • Determining the Total Sulfur Amino Acid to Lysine Requirement of the Lactating Sow
Nursery Management
  • Effects of a Liquid (Neolac) and Dry Feed Combination Fed in Varying Durations on Weanling Pig Performance
  • Effects of Water-Soluble and In-feed Organic Acids on the Growth Performance of Weanling Pigs
  • Effects of Dietary Calcium Formate and Malic Acid on Nursery Pig Growth Performance
  • Growth Performance of Nursery Pigs Fed BIOSAF in Combination With In–feed Antimicrobials
  • Comparison of Concept PR 100 and Spray-dried Animal Plasma on Nursery Pig Performance
  • The Effects of Electron Beam and Gamma Ray Irradiation Levels in Spray-dried Animal Plasma on Nursery Pig Performance
  • Effect of Irradiated Protein Sources, Fed in Meal or Pelleted Diets, on Nursery Pig Performance
  • Isoleucine in Segregated Early Weaning and Transition Diets
Growing-Finishing Management
  • Effects of Dried Distillers Grain With Solubles on Nursery Pig Performance
  • Effects of Dried Distillers Grain With Solubles on Growing-Finishing Pig Performance
  • Influence of Nutridense Low Phytate Corn and Added Fat on Growing-Finishing Pig Growth Performance
  • Effects of Replacing Corn With Triticale in Diets for Nursery and Finishing Pigs
  • Effects of Xylanase and Wheat Middlings in Diets for Finishing Pigs
  • Effects of Increasing Amounts of True Ileal Digestible Lysine on the Growth Performance of Growing-Finishing Pigs Reared in a Commercial Facility
  • The Effect of Dietary Nutrients on Osteochondrosis Lesions and Cartilage Properties in Pigs
  • Effect of Increased Dietary Lysine on Growth Performance of Gilts Fed Ractopamine HCl (Paylean) in a Commercial Facility
  • The Effects of Frequent Out-of-feed Events on Growth Performance of Nursery, Growing, and Finishing Pigs
  • Effect of Mixing Pigs or Maintaining Pen Integrity on the Response to Growing-Finishing Space Allocation
  • Comparison of Particle Size Analysis of Ground Grain With, or Without, the Use of a Flow Agent
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November 2006

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