Smart dosing with Dosatron elevates traceability

14 January 2021, at 3:28pm

Dosatron has launched “smart dosing” with their newest medicator system. New features make the medicator “smart” by allowing it to record, monitor and track vaccinations and medication use.

Pam Temko, CEO of Dosatron, speaks to Sarah Mikesell at Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines.

“What's really cool about the medicator is that they are usually in buildings, so most producers don't know when or if they stop working or if their stock tank has run empty, or maybe they're dosing an antibiotic and it's no longer available but they don't realize it,” said Pam Temko, CEO of Dosatron. “The medicator has alarm features that indicate, for example, that the bucket is empty or the motor stopped working, so we have taken water-driven pumps and upped the level of technology.”

The Dosatron equipment is connected to a controller that helps monitor the system and ensures it’s working correctly. The system produces quite a lot of data that flows into software to help producers check drinking rates, dosing and/or injection rate.

Also important to producers, the Dosatron creates traceability records and tells them if the machine is getting the job done. Ultimately, it helps producers to understand and analyze their data over time and determine the most effective results.