WPX 2024: Vantek offers products that can withstand the harsh pig barn environment

Vantek Concrete Restoration and Protection is focused on concrete restoration of slats, floors and walls plus the metal surrounding the building
calendar icon 18 June 2024
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Paul Vanberg, founder of Vantek Concrete Restoration and Protection, and Ryan Albright, Product Manager at Vantek Concrete Restoration and Protection, recently spoke to The Pig Site’s Sarah Mikesell at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Paul, tell me a little bit about Vantek’s product offerings and what you are showcasing at World Pork Expo?

The most important thing that I have learned over the 40 years in this industry is that the pig environment is a really tough one. People do not understand how difficult it is to maintain equipment and concrete products and protect their investment in buildings and facilities. What we have done is designed products that can withstand the acids and the wear and tear from the animals in these facilities for years and years. So it’s a worthwhile investment.

Our focus has been primarily on concrete restoration of slats, floors, walls and then also the metal surrounding the building on the inside and the exterior. Our focus is maintaining these investments in building materials at pig sites.

What are the features and benefits of your brand?

It took a long time to determine what the acids were in these sites and what the wear and tear requirements were. We have tested the formulations for many years, and we have test sites throughout the industry where our products are compared with other chemistry and products.

We found products that have the capability to last 10+ years. That’s important because producers spend a lot of money to maintain their facilities. We want to provide products that are going to provide durability at a reasonable price. That is our goal and our commitment.

Ryan, what makes your products unique?

One of the things that we are most excited about is that our products are extremely user- friendly. We have very straightforward mixed ratios. Our contractors really enjoy the consistency of the product and the reliability.

When we manufacture the products, we do not experience issues with our products. We always have the same product coming out every single time and so we have reliability. As Paul mentioned earlier, the uniqueness of the product is Paul has really taken the time to research and develop products that are specific to these facilities that we are in. So even though there are other products out there, they might not necessarily be the right fit for the application.

Swine facilities have a lot of acid and just wear and tear. Paul, you know better than me, it is just a harsh environment. The facilities need a lot of abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, and our products have both.

Ryan, if a customer is looking to purchase these products, what’s the next step?

We have a very wide distribution network. These products are available across the United States. Anybody in our industry that has a retail supply store, you are going to find Vantek products available. Our products can be found at Hogslat, Farmer Boy and those types of places.

Customers can visit Vantekcrp.com to get more information. Customers can talk to myself or Paul.

Paul, Vantek also offers products in industries other than agriculture, right?

That is true, we do offer commercial and industrial applications. We have products that are designed for those facilities also. The chemistry requirements are different for commercial and industrial applications, but we have researched and tested our product for those specific environments.

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