Caitlyn Mullins

Caitlyn Mullins

Caitlyn Mullins received her Bachelor's degree in Meat Science (Honors) and Master of Science degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She is now a veterinary medicine student (DVM) at North Carolina State University.

Her specific interests include food animal medicine, improving on-farm animal welfare through employee training, and issues surrounding food security.

Previously, she has conducted research in both Australia and the US on beef and pork tenderness. She was also involved in the creation of a computer-based interactive training programme related to timely euthanasia for swine caretakers that is now hosted by the National Pork Board.

Caitlyn also serves as an animal welfare auditor for Humane Farm Animal Care, a national non-profit which seeks to improve the lives of farm animals.

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