ACMC: Multipliers Wanted

UK - Against a background of a contracting UK pig industry, Yorkshire-based international pig-breeding company, ACMC, is finding increasing demand for high-health replacement gilts both domestically and abroad. The company is therefore looking for British-based multipliers to boost production.
calendar icon 29 December 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

Multiplying offers a means of insulating a herd from the fluctuations of the market by adding substantial value to stock produced, points out ACMC’s James Hall. There is a premium of around 320 on selected gilts and multipliers normally expect to select and sell six per sow annually, giving an extra 312,000 of income each year per 100 sows above the normal slaughter pig returns.

“To satisfy large orders, we are looking for pig farmers who can set up herds of between 300 and 800 sows in areas of low pig density. The layout of the unit must allow good bio-security as part of the overall layout to maintain health status. Ideally, we need experienced pig farmers, but wouldn’t rule out sites on arable farms if experienced staff were employed,“ he said.

Normal sale weight of gilts is 95 kg, which allows the farmer to market any non-selected gilts on a normal finished-pig contract.

The use of grandparent stock to produce the gilts also gives a commercial bonus. Unlike some grandparents, the Meidam is highly productive — due to the inclusion of prolific Chinese genes — and is able to withstand robust production systems. As productive as the AC1 parent gilt, it will easily wean over 11 pigs per litter, allowing production parity with commercial units, points out Mr Hall.

ACMC offers a comprehensive package of help and advice during both the setting-up and production phases.

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