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Bid to Cut Emissions as Consumption Increases

by 5m Editor
4 December 2008, at 11:38am

NETHERLANDS - The cows and pigs dotting the flat green plains in the southern Netherlands create a bucolic landscape. But looked at through the lens of greenhouse gas accounting, they are living smokestacks, spewing methane emissions into the air.

However there’s a catch, says Elisabeth Rosenthal of the NewYorkTimes; only companies that agree to keep the current number of workers will have access to the soft credits.

According to the newspaper, resident Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner made the announcement during a meeting Wednesday in Mar del Plata with representatives from the fishing industry, the governors of the Patagonian provinces of Chubut and Rio Negro, Production and Interior ministers Deborah Giorgi and Florencio Randazzo and the mayor of Mar del Plata Gustavo Pulqui.

“The idea is that the effort of all Argentines towards fisheries, is also the effort of the entrepreneurs who have enjoyed strong profits during the good years“, Mrs. Kirchner told the NewYorkTimes, adding that workers are not only in the payroll of a company “but are also consumers, which sometimes is hard to grasp when jobs are considered the only adjustment variable“