Happy Piglets at High Power, IL

US - As you can see, there are some very happy, healthy piglets suckling on a sow at High Power Pork south of Carthage, Illinois.
calendar icon 9 April 2009
clock icon 2 minute read

These piglets are a product of the individual feeding provided by the Nedap Velos Electronic Sow Feeding system. The system will feed different parity sows differing amounts of feed as well as being able to compensate for the individual sows body condition scoring. It all makes for healthy piglets and a productive, profitable sow.

The second photo shows a sow entering through the mechanical entrance gate of a Nedap Velos feed station. One advantage of this feed station is that once the gate is unlocked the sow may enter the station in order for her to be fed, but only after the previous sow has finished her meal. Because there are minimal moving parts involved in the station, there are fewer mechanical problems and less maintenance to be done, so the sows are fed with ease.

You can just see the contentment in these sows. They’ve eaten their fill in peace and comfort and now ready for some relaxation, even though they have plenty of room to roam and play if they choose. Less stressed, more contented sows makes for better piglet production per sow and healthier piglets.

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