Maple Leaf's $27 Million Meat Recall Settlement

by 5m Editor
6 May 2009, at 7:45am

CANADA - A claims submission process against Maple Leaf begins for largest human food contamination class action in Canadian History.

People who believe they were affected by listeriosis as a result of recalled meat products produced by Maple Leaf Foods have the next 181 days to file a claim for financial compensation.

A Canada-wide settlement of up to C$27 million has been approved by the courts in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec providing financial compensation for people who purchased or consumed recalled meat products produced by Maple Leaf Foods, during the period between 1 January 2008 and 31 August 2008.

The settlement establishes a fund of up to C$27 million to pay valid claims for compensation relating to the physical or psychological harm caused by the consumption of recalled products and will varying amounts of compensation to individuals who consumed recalled products and became sick or died.

Anyone who believes they qualify for compensation can download a claim form from the web site or by calling the court-appointed Claims Administrator toll-free at 1-800-801-2521.