Aussie Pork Industry Aims to Be Carbon-Neutral

by 5m Editor
24 September 2009, at 9:33am

AUSTRALIA - The Australian pork industry believes it can be carbon neutral within five years.

According to ABC, the peak industry body says consumers want to buy sustainably-produced food and cutting emissions from pig farms is an important part of that.

Australian Pork Limited's research and innovation manager, Darryl D'Souza, says emissions will be eliminated by introducing new types of feed and making better use of pig waste.

"Technology is developing very quickly to deal with methane capture and we're looking at things like algae, potentially, as a source of energy [or feed]," he says.

"That will potentially be grown in our effluent ponds," Mr D'Souza said.

Mr D'Souza said the ultimate goal was to use the cycle to make them carbon neutral.

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