Sudden Death: Suspect Split Livers

by 5m Editor
8 September 2009, at 9:33am

UK - Several sudden deaths in young pigs may be linked to vitamin E and/or selenium.

The appearance of dead pigs obviously pale and white is a not uncommon finding on the pig farm, according to National Animal Dsiease Information Service (NADIS).

All this indicates is anaemia, which can occur as a result of failure to manufacture blood, destruction of blood within the body or loss of blood from the blood stream either into body cavities or externally.

Pigs found pale and dead suddenly around or just after weaning can result from rupture of the liver and subsequent haemorrhage in to the abdomen. Whilst such damage can result from trauma – more likely whilst still on the sow or through extremely rough handling.

Where several cases occur, a deficiency of vitamin E/selenium should be considered, especially if the pigs affected represent the best in the group.

Full investigation of vitamin E and selenium levels is necessary should this condition be seen before appropriate and cost-effective corrective action can be taken.

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