Meriden Appoints International Technical Specialist

by 5m Editor
14 October 2009, at 9:35am

UK - Meriden Animal Health Limited has appointed Dr Inga Shahin as an International Technical Support Specialist.

Dr Inga Shahin is a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and has completed post graduate studies in nutrition at Sheffield University (UK). She is a member The British Nutrition Society, and has previously held a Senior Veterinary Officer position specialising in veterinary issues relating to food safety and legislation.

Dr Inga Shahin

In addition to her technical knowledge, Dr Shahin brings sincere enthusiasm to what she describes as a challenge to promote health and well being of both animals and humans.

She is enthusiastic that her future work with products such as Orego-Stim will call not only upon her veterinary and nutritional expertise, but also utilise her linguistic skills, being proficient in five languages.