New Grain Variety to Help Pigs Grow Faster

by 5m Editor
13 October 2009, at 10:42am

AUSTRALIA - Australian scientists have developed a new variety of grain which can help make pigs grow faster.

The Berkshire variety of triticale has been a joint project between the Pork CRC and the University of Sydney.

It has taken about six years to develop, reports ABC

The university's Jeremy Roake says the grain is lower in fibre and the pigs eating it will produce less waste.

"It'll have more energy for them, so they'll grow faster. Or they can eat less of the grain and they'll still have the same growth rate," he says.

"The idea is for it to be an advantage to both grain growers and pork producers.

"So the grain grower might be able to get a slight premium for the grain in terms of price."

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