Cablevey Automatic Farrowing Feeding System

US - Cablevey Automatic Farrowing Feeding System can offer labour savings of between 45 and 50 per cent compared to conventional feeding methods, the company says.
calendar icon 8 January 2010
clock icon 2 minute read

The system offers feeding four to six times a day (24-hour period) compared to two to three times with hand feedings over a seven to 10 hour period.

The system can offer a 25 per cent increase in total feed intake during lactation and an average of eight per cent increase in breed back.

Using the Cablevey automatic farrowing feeding system will give a one to two pound increase in weaning weight at 15 – 17 days with some farms averaging 13.5 to 14.1 pounds.

This can mean a fall in death loss in nursery and also by increasing weight in weaning it will produce a reduction in the number of days to market by 10 days.

In all Cablevey says the system can offer average savings of $5.12 per pig and average savings of $115.22 per sow per year.

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